A fuel innovation worth shouting about!

In the lead up to Woodflow 2018, we will be showcasing a number of our innovative event sponsors and partners. This week we feature BP, one of the largest fuel suppliers to the forestry sector worldwide.  This is a competitive industry and BP is well known as a key technology pioneer.  Haley Mahoney, GM Commercial Fuels at BP, joins us to discuss more about what they do.

As the GM of Commercial Fuels at BP, my team offers fuel solutions to a wide range of businesses, from those operating nationwide to those in the heart of local communities. New technologies, new processes, new competitors; they’re all ready to disrupt without notice. As national fuel partners, we’re always innovating to help our customers remain competitive.

We bring the benefits of being part of a global organisation but we’re also very local, having operated here in New Zealand for more than 70 years; including involvement with our very own extensive forest farm in the North Island’s East Coast back in the 1970s. We understand the forestry industry’s core need for fuel, balanced with maintaining efficient operations; and this is where one of our most exciting innovations has been breaking ground. Our fuel: BP Ultimate with ACTIVE technology.

Launched just over two years ago, after five years of research and development, BP Ultimate Diesel with ACTIVE technology could help to recover up to 3.8% in lost fuel economy.* Now that’s an innovation worth shouting about.

How does it work? As you drive, deposits can build up in the fuel system which can reduce the performance of your engine. BP Ultimate Diesel’s specially formulated ACTIVE technology helps to remove these deposits and to protect your engine from future build-up, helping it run more efficiently. Simple!

Want to know more? Join me and my team of Business Managers at Woodflow 2018 in Rotorua to find out more about how we could work together, using our advanced fuel innovations to build your competitive edge. Can’t wait until then? Just give us call; we’d love to start a conversation. You can reach us on 0800 800 027.

Haley Mahoney
GM Commercial Fuels at BP

*Benefits achieved over time. Fuel economy benefits measured at independent test facilities in a range of trucks, based on the World Transient Vehicle Cycle comparing dirty and clean injectors. Actual benefit may not be attainable for all vehicles and may vary depending on multiple factors including vehicle age, on-road duty cycle and payload.

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