Speaker Checklist

Thank you once again for agreeing to speak at this our event. Please fill in the following Speaker Checklist to help us better prepare, promote and manage this event.

Speaker Details

Speaker Uploads

Please upload a profile image and bio for promotional use with this event. We will be using these for the website, general promotions, conference booklet and at the event.

Head & shoulders photo - high quality image (used for website, promotional materials, conference guidebook and at event.
This is a brief description about your role, number of years in industry, what you have achieved within the industry and what your 'drive' is. Keep it very short - 100 words.
Presentation Details

This section details which event you will be speaking at and whether you are happy for us to share your presentation post event. While a PowerPoint is great at the conference, it often loses its impact and message when viewed after the event. A one page summary of your presentation can help reduce this problem and is highly recommended.

Event Promotions

PLEASE WAIT for the page to finish uploading once you push the submit button. This should can take 2 to 10 seconds to upload, depending on the size of the photo you attached.

Thanks again for your help.