Transport planning workshop added to Woodflow 2018

As outlined in an earlier issue, Woodflow 2018 conference delegates this year now also have the opportunity of registering for two workshops the afternoon before the main conference runs, both in Melbourne (Tuesday 19 June) and in Rotorua (Monday 25 June). The workshops will run the afternoon before each of the two events. Both are free to the Woodflow 2018 conference delegates.

The second workshop, following on from the Cloud-based Operations Management workshop being run by Remsoft is being run by the Australian Forest Operations Research Alliance (University of the Sunshine Coast) and Trimble Logistics. The second workshop in both Australia and New Zealand, runs between 3.00 and 5.00pm. Full details on the pre-conference workshops can be found on the event website.

What’s it going to cover?

Effective Planning to Improve the Efficiency of Transport Operations

Transport operations can account for up to half of the delivered costs. Effective planning of transport operations at tactical and operational level is crucial to deliver the right products to customers, in time and at minimum cost. In this workshop, we’ll present a few transport planning tools and discuss the operational factors with the greatest impact on transport costs and efficiency.

In addition, a few real cases of forest companies implementing central truck scheduling and dispatching in Australia and New Zealand will be presented, which will be the basis to discuss the challenges and opportunities when adopting operational transport planning tools.

Full programme details and event information can now be found on the event website, Note: Space for each workshop is likely to be limited so registrations are being taken on a first come-first served basis.

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