Woodflow 2018 runs mid-year

The Woodflow series is Australasia’s premier technology event for forestry, wood products, transport and logistics companies. It’s run every two years by the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA) in both New Zealand and Australia.

The objective, with 30% – 40% of delivered log costs being contributed by transport, is to profile an independent platform to the very latest technologies for moving wood from the forest through to the log yard, processing plant, port or market. The event also enables new initiatives and operating practices being employed by leading companies to improve planning, logistics & operations within the wood supply chain.

“In 2017, the wood harvesting event, HarvestTECH, was sold out” says FIEA Director, Brent Apthorp. “We had over 450 logging contractors, forestry managers and key suppliers who attended the event. It was the largest gathering of its type yet seen in New Zealand. Two years ago, at the last Woodflow event, we had over 250 harvesting contractors, wood transport operators and planners who attended the series on both sides of the Tasman”.

“The June 2018 event will be building on the success, momentum and feedback provided by industry from these last two events” says Brent Apthorp. “Mark the dates, 20-21 June, Melbourne, Australia and 26-27 June, Rotorua, New Zealand into your diaries”. At this stage key industry and tech suppliers from Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Sweden and Estonia have already been confirmed, exhibition booths are being snapped up (if wishing to secure an exhibition space, best contact gordon.thomson@fiea.org.nz as spaces for the last event, HarvestTECH 2017, sold out months before the event ran) and relevant industry associations linked into the event. At least two additional workshops are also being discussed right now to add value to those coming through to either venue in mid-June.

“One of the key themes being discussed this year are new innovations around log scaling, measurement and tracking” says Mr. Apthorp. “Both vision and scanning technologies for volumetric measurement of logs and woodchips have been evaluated, we’ll hear from the company installing the first 3D laser measurement system in Australasia to measure the solid volume of logs on truck, we’ll hear on progress being made on an Australian code of practice for volumetric measurement of logs through scanning and a European company will be profiling their system that they have developed for measuring and reporting stacked log volumes using a smartphone App”.

Full details along with programme information will follow. Early details on the event can be found on www.woodflow.events

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